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Writers Group


This group spun off the Speaker’s Think Tank because our members were looking to build in some accountability to get something written for Back of the Room (BOR) Sales.

Together a number of our members submitted articles for an anthology of tips and techniques for speakers.  Big Ideas for the Big Stage was published as a result of our combined efforts.

In order to promote this book, an Ebook on CD was created of articles from the book  by Susan Lamb Robinson and Merri Macartney – founders of Speaker’s Think Tank.  This was called A Taste of the Big Stage.

Then an Ebook of the last chapter plus a bonus article was published.  That is called So You Want to Go Pro!

During this time, two other members published their own non-fiction books.  And so it continues.  We meet immediately before our Speaker’s Think Tank sessions and dialogue with one another so we can move the completion of our books together.

Got one on the go?  Want to have one on the go?  Then come on out and let us be your accountability partners to help you get your book written.  Don’t let 2015 come to a close with it still on your “To Do” list.

Click here for our upcoming events and sign up.  The investment in yourself is priceless!

Speaker’s Think Tank began as a result of a collaboration between Susan Lamb-Robinson and Merri Macartney. Both came from the world of Toastmasters and were making the foray into the world of professional speaking.  That was over four years ago.  And much has happened since then.

We are a community of professional speakers, all in various stages of their business development.  Our sessions provide educational workshops on all manner of topics related to building a speaking business: marketing, product creation, finding opportunities to speak, setting fees, establishing contracts and many others as requested by our members.

A surprising turn of events was the spin-off of our Writers’ Group.  We complied and published an amazing book called Big IdeasSTT-Cover-Big Ideas-FNL for the Big Stage.

We show the whole cover here – front and back – so you can see that these members had some of their articles written within. Although it makes reference to the “Big Stage” the articles are suitable for anyone who needs to speak on their own big stage – i.e. Making a Toast at a wedding.  All of the tips and techniques on how to make a public presentation will benefit anyone making a speech for any purpose.

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Are you looking to write a book or create a product for Back of the Room (BOR) Sales  then check out our Writers’ Group which meets immediately before our Speaker’s Think Tank sessions.  Click here for upcoming events.